Artistic Director

Alexander "Sasha" Boitsov

It requires a master teacher to teach ballet properly. What makes Sasha Boitsov so effective is his firm yet affable manner of instruction: striving for excellence, he continuously pushes his students to better themselves without ever making them feel inadequate.

Alexander Boitsov, Artistic Director and Ballet Master of IBT, was born in Donetsk, Ukraine. He began his ballet training at the age of ten. Upon graduation from Kiev State School of Choreography in 1970 Mr. Boitsov joined Donetsk Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet as a Soloist.

Noted from the very beginning of his career as a gifted and elegant dancer performing with both strength and grace, twenty one year old Alexander soon became Donetsk Ballet's Principal Dancer. This determined and hardworking young man with a beautiful long line and gentle aristocratic presence quickly developed into a danseur noble – an ideal incarnation for the many princely roles of the traditional Russian repertoire. Not just an accomplished technician with stunning facility in turns and jumps but also a highly intellectual performer, Mr. Boitsov went to great pains to achieve depth in his interpretations. Between 1971 and 1992 Alexander Boitsov has toured Europe, Japan, Israel, the Middle East, and the United States with an extensive repertoire that included a long list of leading roles, such as Ziegfried in Swan Lake, Cavalier in the Nutcracker, Albert in Giselle, Basil in Don Quixote, Solor in La Bayadère, Spartacus in Spartacus, Shakriar in One Thousand and One Nights and Desiree in Sleeping Beauty, among many others. In addition, Mr. Boitsov became a superb exponent of the Ukrainian and Russian character dance styles.

In 1975 Mr. Boitsov's deep understanding of the choreographer’s intent as well as his ability to focus students' attention on the most fleeting shades of movement, led him to the additional position of Ballet Master of the Donetsk Opera and Ballet Theater. He became one of the youngest Ballet Masters of the Soviet Union.

Alexander Boitsov in a Donetsk, Ukraine premier of ballet Spartacus. 1986

For the past forteen years Alexander Boitsov has taught in many of the tri-state area schools (NJ, PA, DE). Recognized among peers and students as an exceptionally effective teacher, Mr. Boitsov follows the Vaganova teaching technique – an extraordinary system that permits to develop the knowledge of how one’s body should be used in order to dance with expression, yet without injuries, like the best Russian dancers do. Considered excellent, it is the foremost technique used by Mikhael Baryshnikov, Rudolph Nureyev, Natalia Makarova, Galina Ulanova, Maya Plisetskaya, and other stars of Russian classical ballet.

Students of the Vaganova method learn classical ballet technique, pointe, classical repertory, adagio, virtuoso technique for men, partnering, character dance, and historical court dance. The Vaganova method is characterized by impeccable precision, attention to detail, ease of execution, energetic style, emotion-evoking grace, individual creativity, and vigor. Mr. Boitsov teaches his students to dance with their whole body instead of isolating body parts into mechanical, separate movements. Gradually, students will develop a strong center, which will result in more graceful and powerful performances.