Performing in Philadelphia
on September 21


Matryoshka Festival—organized by the Russian-American United Arts Council, of which International Ballet Theater is a long-time member—represents a wonderful opportunity to gather once a year for a sunny afternoon of music, food, friends, and fun, surronded by former alumni, colleagues, neighbors, and friends.



Matryoshka provides artists, musicians, and dancers with a friendly audience and a lovely opportunity to perform en plein air, while performers' parents, grandparents, friends, and family get a chance to applaude their rising stars yet again.

Matryoshka is the largest annual festival of Philadelphia's Russian-speaking community, composed of immigrants not just from Russia, but also from the Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, and Uzbekistan.

To be presented by International Ballet Theater,    

Khorovod                                                                                            a Russian folk dance

  • Madeline Glinski
  • Claire Kim
  • Rory Myers
  • Chloe Sacgal
  • Emily Stephens
  • Abbey Wu

Study of Eccentric                                                                               choreography by Viktor Plotnikov

  • Hannah Baugher

The Russian Dance from The Nutcracker

  • Julie Gillan
  • Joe Stephens

Kazenonaka                                                                                       choreography by Viktor Plotnikov

  • Alison Tatsuoka

Kazachok                                                                         choreography Vladimir Shoumeikin

  •  Rory Myers

Kalinka                                                                                               a Russian folk dance

  • Hannah Baugher
  • Julie Gillan
  • Sophie Kalff
  • Jessica Restivo
  • Alison Tatsuoka
  • Sandy Zeng


For a detailed layout of Matryoshka Festival grounds click here.