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The point of studying ballet is to perform. It is performing that gives students the confidence they need to compete or to succeed in a professional career of any kind. Stage experience enables students to develop grace, confidence, and stage etiquette.

IBT Has Talented Students and Exceptional Teachers

Our kids study to become professional ballet dancers. IBT students, who are part of the company, have rigorous schedule: they dance for 20 (twenty) or more hours per week and spend numerous extra hours rehearsing for professional-level performances. These kids sacrifice a lot to dance and put their whole hearts into dancing. Trained in the famous Vaganova Syllabus (Russian Classical Ballet Method,) they study Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Partnering, Character Folk Dance, Contemporary, Stretch, Ballet History, and Russian language. All of these classes are graded and leveled. IBT regularly participate in prestigious classical ballet competitions, such as Youth America Grand Prix, Tanzolymp Berlin, Arabesque Perm, Russia, American Ballet Competition, and World Balker Competition in Florida. In addition, they are coached by Guest Teachers from Boston Ballet and Mariinsky Ballet (ex-Kirov Ballet of St. Petersburg, Russia).

The Only Thing Holding Us Back Is Finances

Production costs for Nutckracker and Gala Concerts add up quickly. For example, we need $5,000 to secure the venue, $7,000 to pay the guest artists, $10,000 for scenery and costumes, and $8,000 for media buys and printing to promote the show.

It takes incredible amount of time, dedication, and patience on part of our Artistic Director and our talented students to produce a show. And yet, none of it is enough if finances are not in place. We strive to produce two shows yearly, every single year. Unfortunately, at the moment we simply cannot afford to do that—because of the resources. In the past we have been able to use your expertise to produce full-length ballets on very little resources. But if we keep doing it, the company will simply go broke.

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